I Lord Jesus Christ, it is in Your mighty Name that I pray….
Father, Your Word says that a patient man is better than a warrior, and one who controls his temper than one who takes a city.
You have admonished me in Your Word to control my body – my appetites and behavior, in a way that is holy and honorable
to You. But I confess Father that I fall short of this in many areas of my life and I ask that You strengthen me by Your Spirit,
so that I might not let sin reign in my body or give in to evil desires (pause and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal those areas of your
life that are not yet submitted to Him).
May the fruit of self-control continually increase in my life, that this godly characteristic may be evident in the way that I eat,
how I shop, the hobbies I engage in, my sexuality, my words and actions… may every aspect of who I am and how I live be
under the control of the Holy Spirit. I submit to You now in Jesus’ Name Father.
Empower me to keep a tight rein on my tongue. May I be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, knowing
that anger does not bring about the righteous life that You desire. May I bless with my mouth and my life.
May my life be so controlled by Your Holy Spirit, that I truly live and move and have my very being in You alone. Help me this
day to not indulge my fleshly nature. Strengthen me to stand firm and be self-controlled in thought, word and action – that I
might be a useable, noble vessel for Your purposes and the glory of Your great Name. Accomplish this through Christ in me,
for I pray in His name. Amen